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AEPS (Aadhaar Enable Payment System)

AEPS (Aadhaar Enable Payment System) is a secure payment method provided by the NPCi that allows aadhar linked bank account holders to avail basic banking services such as balance inquiry & cash withdrawal.Customers simply need to tell The e Services Retailer their 12-digit aadhar number and aadhar linked bank name. Fingerprint authorisation is done using a biometric device to avail the service.

AEPS (Aadhaar Based Payment System)

AEPS (Aadhaar Based Payment System) is a bank led model which allowsonline interoperable financial transection at pos (Point of Sale / Micro Atm) through the Business Correspondent of any Bnak Using the aadhar authentication.

Benefits of AEPS for Agents

1) Becoming The E Services Agent is a Profitable business opportunity.
2) The e Services can register for Aeps Services to Convert their shop to a Mini Atm.
3) The e services provides people a perfect solution for their Aeps related needs.
4) The e Services a Long ter business association.
5) Big profit from smaller investments.

Money Transfer Services

We understand the challenges that a common man faces to send money to their family and friends & that’s why we always strive to provide an unparalleled banking experience through our simple remittance service that is easily accessible anytime from your nearest The e Services outlet.

Customers don’t need to travel long distances to go to bank branches, stand in long queues, and fill complicated forms to avail basic banking services. To address this, The e Services integrates with major banks in India and leverages its platform to empower it’s retailers to provide domestic money remittance or cash deposit service in customer's bank account instantly 24X7. Our secure, immediate and easy domestic service allows you to send money to any bank account in India.

How to use?

Domestic money remittance as easy as mobile recharge and you need to collect the customers mobile no, Beneficiary bank account number, Bank name, IFSC code and the amount to be transferred to the customer. Complete the transaction by entering details at the e services web portal or our android mobile app. The customer’s account will be credited instantly and the customer will also be notified via SMS with the details of the transaction in real time.

Transaction Modes

Our platform supports IMPS and NEFT transaction modes, based on customer's requirements and beneficiary bank.

Major Features

1) Send money instantly.
2) Available 24/7.
3) Transfers may occur on Sundays and public holidays also.
4) Instant confirmation to sender by SMS.
5) Safe and Secure transaction.
6) This service is available at all branches.

What is BBPS?

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) is RBI essential system that provides an integrated, interoperable invoice payment service to customers from all regions, with transaction certainty, reliability and security. It provides customers with bill payment services through an agent network or online, enables multiple payment modes, and provides instant confirmation via BBPS web, BBPS app, SMS or receipt .We are promoting a cashless society by shifting cash bill payments to electronic channels. Currently, you can pay bills for utilities (gas, electricity, water, DTH) and telecommunications.


1) interoperability: BBPS is an integrated online bill payment business platform that connects bank and non-bank entities at bill aggregation, billing, payment service providers, and retailers.
2) accessible: Facilitates continuous payment of invoices through any channel, including models supported by BC / Agent branch / bank branch / representative contacts.
3) Complaint Management: BBPS will introduce a standardized complaint management system to handle customer complaints in all types of transactions.


The e Services has developed a unique recharge platform that brings together a variety of prepaid mobile, DTH operators. We support API mode recharge because we want to serve a large customer base with different requirements. Although our API-based recharge service is faster.

Steps for Mobile Recharge

You can complete the mobile, data card or DTH online recharge in just two steps, and then you can enjoy uninterrupted service.

1) Enter all personal details and recharge amounts.
2) Click Continue after reviewing the payment summary.
3) A confirmation operator with all the details will be sent on your entered mobile.